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Femme Fatale Cosmetics - New Trio

Aussie indie brand Femme Fatale Cosmetics has recently released a trio of polishes, in which $5 from every bottle will be donated to a close friend of Sophie's (the creator of Femme Fatale Cosmetics) who is in need of heart surgery. More details of her fundraising efforts can be read on the Femme Fatale shop.

When I received the collection in the mail I fell in love with all three instantly, in fact I even told Sophie that I felt like she made the collection just for me.  There are two golds and a green - I'm in love!!  While I can pretend she made these just for me, the truth is they are inspired by the beach, which is a big part of her friend's life.

Sparkling Sands - is a golden glitter polish created to resemble the the complex shoreline. It has a shimmery golden base which provides excellent opacity at three coats.  There are all sorts of caramel and golden glitters and holo gold glitter in mainly smaller sizes of hexes and squares, although there are also gold holo stars and some light pink small hexes too.

The shine of this polish is amazing.  Like I said, you can build this polish to be opaque on it's own, like it is shown here, or for a quick golden glittery topper you could layer one coat over gold.  These first three photos are taken under artificial life, the macro and finger shot are outdoors in the shade.

Suffice it to say, I love this!

Abyssal Reflections - this one was created to resemble the dark depths of the ocean. It has a dark green tinted jelly base, jam packed full of turquoise, teal and green glitters, of which some are holo.  This was two coats on it's own, and it was easily opaque, but of course you could wear this layered over a darker polish.  I did find my bottle was quite thick and dry as it was so packed with glitter. In fact it reminded me of the consistency of Crowstoes polishes. I needed a few layers of top coat to make this one smooth.

Check out the macro, imagine if the dark depths of the ocean really were this glittery and sparkling.

Veil of the Siren - looky here, its another gold!!  This one was created to resemble the delicate colours of a sea shell. In the bottle this has an iridescent almost foggy look to it, which is created by a low opacity pale cream and rose shimmer.  It is full of small bronze gold glitters, red flakies and colour-shifting iridescent hexes. 

I really wanted to recreate the look of the bottle on my nails, so here I layered two coats of Veil of the Siren over OPI Don't Touch my Tutu.  It was so soft and pretty in natural indoor lighting, but then in the sun, it just sparkled and shone!  In the last photo I tried to capture the colour shifting golden hexes with show green.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes are available directly from her shop for Australians.  And in case you Aussies didn't know, she is now stocking a number of international indie brands such as Crowstoes, Girly Bits & Contrary Polish as well as Aussie indie brands Emily de Molly and Gloss n Sparkle.  It looks like the Femme Fatale shop could become our own Aussie version of Llarowe, which is great news for us Aussies to save of shipping costs and time frames.

For all you international ladies, Femme Fatale polishes are available in a bunch of places around the world now.  Check the international stockists page for more info.

Polishes provided for review. 


  1. I was wondering about getting one or two of these but looking at your pics I think I need to get all three! They are gorgeous

  2. All three of these are totally stunning!
    Veil of the Siren though is intriguingly different to other gold glitters and if I could have only one I think I would choose this.

  3. These are certainly gorgeous. I had to get a bottle of Abyssal Reflections during the sale and now I can't wait for it to arrive :D

  4. The gold glitter is fabulous!

  5. I don't normally go for gold at all, but Veil of the Siren is fabulous!

  6. gorgeous combination with Veil of the Siren

  7. Ohh, I was blind!
    I just found it and ordered the gold polish immediately! <3


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