Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Penelope Luz - Dark Angel, It's Summer, Pandora and Yin Yang

Hello indie polish lovers, I've got more polishes for you today from Brazilian brand, Penelope Luz.  First up, if you are looking for a new blog to follow with stunning photos in perfectly beautiful poses, then you need to check out Penelope's blog.  She must have a pretty fancy camera setup, or photographer help her out in doing nail shoots, because there is no way I could swing taking photos that include both hands.  I love some of her hand poses - I'm gonna have to get my mum to do a hand photo shoot with me so I can try some fancy poses out!

Anyway, lets look at these four polishes.

Dark Angel - a mix of matte black glitters in different shapes and sizes in a clear base. There is long bar glitters, but if you don't like them then they are easily pulled out. Application was easy, and this is one coat over Kester Black Tutti Fruitti.

It's Summer! - a clear base with neon yellow fine matte glitter and orange and purple matte hexes. I don't think I chose my base shade very well and I should have layered it over something darker to allow the yellow glitters to pop more.  This is one coat over Kester Black Buttercream.

Pandora - a red wine jelly base full of burgundy glitter.  The glitter and tinted jelly base means this one can be built to opacity on it's own.  This is two coats and it's was perfectly opaque.  Even though it's packed with glitter it's not thick or difficult to apply, but it does dry a little gritty, so you can either rock the textured look or apply a few coats of top coat.

Yin Yang - a transparent base with a mix of black and white matte glitters in various shapes and sizes.  Certainly not a unique polish, but it is done quite nicely.  This is one layer of Yin Yang over Kester Black Forget Me Not.  If you like black and white glitter polishes and feel the need to own them all (I'm looking at you Fingers) - then this one is a nice mix.

You can see all of the Penelope Luz range on her nail polish site - as apposed to her blog.  

I got my Penelope Luz polishes from Color4Nails, who also stocks a good range of indie and hard to get international brands.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Pandora is right up my alley for sure. So beautiful!! :)

  2. Myself photographing my nails, my camera have swiveling display, so easy to shoot with both hands. :P But who does not have camera with swiveling display, can use a mirror. :)
    I use a Nikon D5200 and the 50mm lens for the pictures of two hands. :)
    Thank you so much! I love see my polishes in your nails! I am your fan! :)

  3. I love shades like Pandora and yet find myself rarely wearing them - I'm not sure why. To Penelope .. I followed the link to your site and love your photography and particularly the things like the rings you co-ordinate with your polish.


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