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Lynnderella - Tanzanite Truth, Peridot Power and Ruby Passion

I've got three Lynnderella's polishes to cover tonight, because I just have too much material to post about that I can't just keep each one for a separate post.  These three polishes are from the Birthstones and Talismans Collection and I have two more from that collection to show you before I move onto the latest collection - Once Upon a Prince and More Man Candy.

Tanzanite Truth - I'm a December babe, so this one is my birthstone polish. Tanzanite Truth has violet, purple and blue glitters in a multi-colour shimmered clear base.  I layered one coat of TT over Orly Lunar Eclipse, which seemed to have the perfect blue/purple shimmery base to match the glitters in TT.  The blue glitters in this are so much darker than any other blue glitter bomb polish I have.  Really beautiful.

Bottle comparison time, with Tanzanite Truth, Mlle Violette de Bleu and Bibbitty Bbbitty Boo Blue.

Peridot Power - I actually put this one on Tuesday night last week, ready to wear for the next day.  The following day was my mum's birthday and last year I have her a bottle of Chanel Peridot, because it was her birthstone. Now, here I was, exactly a year later wearing my latest Peridot polish, completely unplanned.  I just wished I had a second bottle to give to her.

Peridot Power contains translucent neon yellow and lime hexagons as well as chartreuse glitters accented with micro glitters in a clear base. Some of the glitters are also holographic. This is one coat of PP layered over China Glaze Running in Circles.

Bottle comparisons: She Lived in a Swamp, Peridot Power, Beleaf is magic.

Ruby Passion - I was expecting a Ruby polish to be more red, but this is definitely a pink glitter polish.  Ruby Passion has magenta, red, purple and rose glitters in a pink-shimmered clear base.  This is one dabbed coat over Ulta3 Sunset Pink, the glitter in this one is super dense!  Depending on the lighting this can look pink or purple.

Bottle comparisons, and there are quite a few in this colour group. Parfait d'Amour, Ruby Passion, The Garden of Even, Garnet Grace and A Party of a Dress.

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  1. all the colors are lovely but Peridot Power is my favorite (:

  2. Tanzanite Truth is spectacular but I have to say I love the Peridot Power too - its so fresh and clean looking.

  3. I'm December too! No wonder I LOVE Tanzanite Truth so much! :-). Beautiful swatches, as always!

  4. Oooh I love the tanzanite one! About 10 years ago, I was really into tanzanite jewelry. So pretty. Does she make an emerald one? That's my birthstone. :)

  5. Ruby Passion looks amazing! <3333 Love your swatches (:

  6. I soooo want any of those green ones. Or blue. or pinks/reds. I really don't care. I just love glittery polishes like these!


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