Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Sweet Color flakie

When I was browsing the born pretty website, I spied a whole range of of flakie polishes and this one in particular caught my attention.  This is Sweet Color Shell Glitter (flakie) #4.  The flakes shift red through orange to yellow and green.

Flakies always look their best over a dark colour, so I first tried this over black.  This is two coats of Sweet Color Flakie #4.  The colour shift in the flakes is really obvious and the polish is also really packed full of the flakies too.  Application was easy but the polish is a little smelly, so I'm guessing this isn't 3 free. 

I also layered it over red, and the effect was fantastic.  This is two coats over Kester Black Poppy.

There are eleven flakie polishes in the collection and they are currently $7.99 a bottle on the Born Pretty Store website. The colours in #1 look really pretty too. If you shop, don't forget to use someone's 10% off code.


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