Sunday, August 18, 2013

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Lynnderella - Moonstone Magic (with glow in the dark undies)

Glow in the dark undies, hell yeah. I want a real pair of those!! Sadly I don't have real glow in the dark undies, but I have got glow in the dark polish as my base for this Lynnderella polish - Moonstone Magic.

The base colour is OPI No Room for the Blues, which is actually a much brighter blue that what this is showing because the second base colour is a glow in the dark polish I made.  When I made these, I made them way too pigmented and they are really thick and quite milky.  I had to add a heap of thinner to mine so I could use it - so friends that I gave a bottle too, make note!  Because it was very pigmented it gave a whitish milky coverage over the OPI, which I actually really loved for this mani because it toned down the blue to be very moonstone-ish.

I then put two coats of Moonstone Magic over the blue and glowing base.  Moonstone Magic has white moons and stars, assorted white shapes, various blue iridescent gliiter, tiny holographic silver stars and rainbow dust in an intense blue-shimmered clear base. This is what my nails looked like during the day.

In the dark, BAM - my moonstone really does glow like the moon!!  I love how the opaque stars dont let the glow through and show as black stars, and then there is the translucent star on the middle finger that lets some glow through but looks like a star shadow.  And in case you've never worn glow in the dark polish before, it's actually really freaky at night when you go to bed and see your finger glowing. 

My husband had already gone to bed before I finished doing my nail this night, but in the morning when he came in to wake me up, and cause it's still dark when we get up, he said "nice nails". So they were still glowing a bit in the morning.

Lynnderella polishes are available from:
The Glitter Connect Lynnderella polish giveaway closes tomorrow night, so any Aussies that haven't entered, should jump over to the Glitter Connect Facebook page and click on the blue giveaway box link at the top.


  1. Ha! I bought a bottle of Moonstone Magic (on it's way to me to be delivered hopefully this week with the rest of the talisman's collection) even though I was a bit iffy about it because I KNEW you'd pull off some kind of magic with it and I'd regret it if I didn't have a bottle. This is the most awesome mani, Cathy.

  2. нереально круто!!

  3. wow 1st time i like a lynn polis looks realy cool :)

  4. Gorgeous! Moonstone magic is really an awesome polish :)

  5. Moonstone magic looks great! It looks gorgeous over the blue!

  6. aaa love this lynnderella polish! And love your blog too!
    Just started blogging.. could we do a follow for follow? :)


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