Saturday, September 14, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 14 - Flowers

Do you know what I'm least enjoying about the 31 Day Challenge? Having to remove each of these manis after only one day.  I'm actually creating things I really want to wear for longer (which is quite something for me, as I always change my polish up every night).

Day 14's theme is Flowers and today I have tried another new technique for me.  It's the first time I've used acrylic paint on my nails and also the first time I've tried one stroke flowers.  In my opinion, the queen of one stroke nail art design is the lovely Lucy from Lucy's Stash. Here are some of her designs in a google image search. I watched one of her youtube tutorials to learn how to create the petals and then just went for it.

I used a flat angled bush and side loaded it with both white and purple acrylic paint.  I then did the wiggly circle shape for each petal.  I used a fine liner brush to add some thin lines on each petal using the purple paint, then a dotting tool for the centre of the flowers.

My base polish is absolutely my favourite purple polish of all time.  I always go to this polish by default when I want purple, but this time I pulled out all my purple swatch sticks and chose a my favourite shade without looking at the polish name - yep I chose this polish again!! Pretty Serious, Poltergeist Puddle <3 <3

I'm really happy with my first attempt at one stroke flowers.  I want to practice this skills a bit more and attempt some of the other styles of flowers that you can paint using this technique.

Look at my right hand too.  Isn't it amazing!!  I wish I was ambidextrous enough to pull off flowers that awesome on my right hand, but the truth is I got my mum to paint the flowers on my right hand.  Didn't she do an amazing job for me too!!


  1. Great job! Excellent for a first try :D

  2. Beautiful job! And purple, my favourite :)

  3. T love these!! will try them soon :D

  4. Very pretty! Im about to sit down and try acrylic for the first time today too! If mine look half as good as yours I will be happy! :)

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  6. It looks gorgeous! And wow, your mom is awesome :)

  7. so pretty! Every time I try one-stroke it ends up...awful. I don't own acrylics though, so that might be part of the problem :-(

  8. I totally recognize these as looking like Lucy's flowers! You did an awesome job. That is funny that you got your mom to help :). I'm planning on eliciting my husband's help on one in the future. I know what you mean about not wanting to take them off. It makes you a little sad.

  9. That's just stunning! I definitely see Lucy's technique, very well done!

  10. Wow! These flowers are beautiful, and the colors are perfect together :-)


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