Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 4 - Green

I'm loving the 31 Day challenge. Not because of my nail art adventures but because of all the nail art posted by everyone else and all the new blogs that I'm discovering.  One thing though, there have been quite a lot of blog posts I've commented on and tried to comment on that have word verification turn on. I find this really stops me commenting on blog posts, because I usually comment through my ipad and it always auto corrects the word that I have to enter, which makes it wrong and I have to try again. It means I spend three times the amount of time trying to get my comment published than writing the comment.  I know I'd comment more if I didn't encounter it so much.  I don't have word verification turned on and I have rarely ever received spam comments. So I recommend you turn them off by going into blogger, clicking 'Settings', 'Posts and Comments' and set 'Show word verification' to No. I think the default is Yes.

To my green nails now, and I created a very easy plaid design.  I was googling for ideas and came across this design by Steph's Closet. It looked quick and simple to create and a very effective and striking design on the nail.

To create the design I started with a white base, then painted a single stripe of green down my nail slightly to one side. Then using black polish and a striping brush, paint the black lines.  The vertical lines are much easier to paint the then horizontal ones and I found it's easiest to paint from one side of the nail to the middle, and then the other side to join in the middle.  This design is so versatile too, and could easily be changed colour.

Another plus is that it's pretty easy to create on your non dominant hand too.

If you are looking for the inlinkz codes for the whole challenge, you can grab the codes here


  1. Its so simple to create and the result is gorgeous! Great job!

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  3. Beautiful mani!
    And thanks for the tip about the word verification!

  4. This is amazing, love it!! And your colours go really well together :) Must try it one day, when I'll be able to make a bit more straight lines by hand :D :D need to practise.

  5. Thanks for pointing out the word verification setting--I didn't even know I had it on!

    Lovely nails of course. :)

  6. I changed my word verification, thanks for letting me know about that. I am a new blogger so I'm grateful for tips like that.

  7. Love these! They're absolutely adorable- great job!

  8. Thank you for the tip! I swear I had changed it to "no" a long time ago, but I just checked and it was on "yes". Who knows what happened but I appreciate you looking out for everyone! Oh, and your nails look great. :)


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