Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 17 - Glitter

Glitter day, it's like a rest day on the 31 Day Challenge.  I was going to some sort of glitter placement mani for today but instead I decided to go to bed early and just do a regular glitter mani with a super pretty polish.

The polish I chose is Emily de Molly Bellissima, which isn't released yet, but will be soon.  I was lucky enough to grab a bottle of this the weekend before last when a bunch of us Canberra nail polish lovers got together over at Hayley's house.  I got to see the Emily de Molly "lab" where Hayley mixes all her polishes.  

She had an amazing shelving unit full of 500ml bottles of various mixed polishes, all perfectly sorted through the colour spectrum. There was at least 100 of those 500ml bottles - it was amazing.  Then you should have seen the drawers and drawers full of glitter.  Every colour, shape and size imaginable all sorted perfectly by colour.  I just wanted to throw all that glitter in the air, throw my arms up and say WHHHEEEEEEEEE! (and then maybe roll around on the floor and cover myself in it)  

I also scored a few other 'special' EdM polishes while I was there.  They aren't labelled or anything and were either mixed right there and then by Hayley, or filled from one of those magical 500ml bottles.  I'd say "Ohh, have you made a x and y polish", and she would magically pull out a bottle of something she had already mixed and say, here you all go.  So much fun!

Anyway, here is Belllissima.  It has a mix of large and medium sized silver holo dots, medium size pink holo dots, small pale pink matte hexes and silver and holo silver glitter in various sizes.  It's just perfect layered over white, but would be stunning over any pastel shade.

This is one dabbed coat of Bellissima over white on my ring finger and thumb, and a dabbed coat on my tips on the other fingers.

Back to "real" nail art tomorrow.


  1. This is so pretty! Can't wait to get my hands on this, thank you for sharing Cathy :)

  2. Stunningly beautiful polish and so delicate!! :)

  3. Oh wow that is sooo pretty! Another polish to hang out for!

  4. That is really pretty! I love glitter gradients :)


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