Sunday, September 15, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 15 - Delicate Print

I struggled a bit thinking of a design I wanted to paint for today's Delicate Print theme.  I Google searched various words looking for images to inspire me, but nothing really jumped out.  The images that appealed most to me were pastel designs with tone on tone stamping. I ended up brainstorming ideas with my mum.  We started talking about delicate things, and she remembered an excellent painting she once did that showed the transition of a dandelion flower through to the fluffy seed ball to the individual seeds blowing off in the wind.  I was trying to work out how I could incorporate that into a design (which I may end up doing next year for #31DC2014). 

Whilst talking about delicate things, I had a wave of inspiration and knew what I wanted to create.  Here is my final design.  I used a white gel base and stamped the diamond cross design from Konad plate M57 using Color Club Good as Gold.  Lastly I added a thin french tip.  Scroll down to see my inspiration.

My inspiration was something delicate.  My mum's fine bone china Noritake dinner set. This is mum's favourtie dinner set that she brings out for special occasions and I love it too.  While trying to think of things that are delicate, I thought of fine china.  Then I instantly remembered mum's setting and knew that the design on it was very delicate too.  

I got her to help take some photos of me holding various pieces.  I wanted to create those beautiful hand shots that Pshiit, Penelope Luz and Esmaltes da Kelly have, but I just don't know who to hold my hands to make them look elegant.  Either way, my photo shoot with a bowl, plate and jug were fun!


  1. Gorgeous (: so delicate indeed (:

  2. Gorgeous, and great recreation!

  3. Beautiful match with the dinner set, I also wish that I could take delicate hand shots. I hope you get the chance to use the dinner set with your manicure on.

  4. This looks absolutely stunning! I'm speechless :)

  5. Beautiful manicure and I love the shot with the jug - perfectly delicate indeed.

  6. Love this...I thought right off before reading that this reminded me of my fine china pattern with the gold rimmed border I have had since first married in the 70s'!

  7. love this design and that white is perfect!!

  8. Don't you love it when you can find inspiration in the strangest things?

  9. Stunning! So delicate and pretty and I'm speechless :) xx


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