Monday, September 9, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Rainbow

Rainbow Day - probably my favourite day of the whole challenge. Sometimes when you do nail art, everything just works like you imagined it and you're so happy with the results that you want to shove your nails in front of everyone and say, look at these - aren't they awesome!  That is exactly how I felt about my rainbow themed nails for today's prompt in the 31 Day Challenge.  Looking at these nails makes me feel happy. In fact I wore them for nearly three days over the weekend, which now has me really pushing the envelope in terms of keeping on track with the challenge.

To create this design I pretty much followed a tutorial YouTube video by knailart for a Tie Dye design. So if you a re looking for a tutorial to follow for day 30, then I recommend this one! The process is very simple and doesn't take too long to create. I had finished all 10 nails in about 35-40 minutes.  Of course you could use any colour combo too, it doesn't have to be rainbow colours like this, it would look pretty awesome all in shades of one colour.

The polishes I used were: Picture Polish Crazy, Lime Lite, Citrus, Violet Femme & Hot Lips, Kester Black Cherry Pie and Ulta3 Blue Marlin.  I started with a white base and used a fine nail art bush to wiggle on the swirled designs one colour at a time, blending each colour a little bit.

My right hand isn't as neat as my left, but with this sort of design it doesn't matter.


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