Thursday, September 19, 2013

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ALDI - 5 Stars nail polish review

Last weekend I popped into ALDI to grab some more packets of cotton rounds, which by the way, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping in business single handedly with my purchases - I go through those things like nobody's business.  

Walking back through the isle, I noticed they had nail polish for sale. Usually the ALDI nail polish colours aren't something I look twice at, but this time they looked nice.

The brand is Five Stars and they are individually packaged on cards with plastic covers, which means no one is going to try on your bottle before you buy it.  They were only 99 cents, so I grabbed two colours to try out.

Peridot - a metallic gold than leans olive green. I was expecting this one to be watery but the formula on it is great.  This is two coats, but one coat was pretty opaque so it will probably be good for stamping too. 

Bron-zite - a burgundy base with a bronze and red shimmer and bronze glass flecks.  Not quite as opaque as Peridot, but still a great formula and opaque in two coats.

I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible for you Aussie ladies, because ALDI is always turning over their stock and if you want to get these polishes you will need to get in store quick.


  1. I've only ever seen Biocura polishes in Aldi, but I'll check out if something else happened here since last I was there :)

  2. Hi I picked up several of these polishes but cannot find the names won the bottles anymore. I purchased at least 18 months ago. They are lovely for the price. Love the bronze one


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