Thursday, September 19, 2013

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31 Day Challenge - Day 19 - Galaxies

I've been so excited for Galaxy day since I decided to do the challenge. I knew exactly the design I wanted to try. I'd already watched the video tutorials, grabbed out the relevant polishes and waited patiently for this day to come around. I created a variation of Coewless Nail Polish Galaxy drip nails

I did mine as a skittlette, with two dripping galaxies (index and middle), one full galaxy (ring) and two white blocked galaxies (thumb and pinky).  The colours I used for the galaxy part were Orly Halleys Comet and Lunar Eclipse and Picture Polish Honey Dew and Camo.  I started with a white base and painted my nails with Halley Comet. I then dabbed on the other colours in random patches to create the galaxy.  

I splattered the small white dots using acrylic paint and an old toothbrush and painted the large stars with white acrylic and a fine brush.   If you want more details on how to create the design, check out the Coewless YouTube video.  Seriously guys, I'm giving you so many options for Day 30 - Tutorial, the problem is I'm running out of tutorials and am not sure what to do for tutorial day now!

Anyway, onto the nails.....

I felt I really needed to do an upside down shot of this nail art, because drips need to drip downwards - unless this is some crazy alternative universe where my galaxy is then gravity can go upwards.


  1. Jeee! I have always loved this design, and yours came out so NEAT! I love it ^^

  2. These are so pretty!! Wow you can paint your dominant hand well, jealous XD

  3. I'm a sucker for teals and blues and this is "out of this world" for me!!

  4. Oh how I love this challenge! We are getting to see such awesome nail art. These are freaking awesome! I love the dripping ones! I love them all, but the dripping ones are especially sweet.

  5. Such an amazing job! I absolutely love the colours.

  6. This is amazing!! The colors are so gorgeous!!

  7. My favourite galaxy yet I think!

  8. I really love the colors you used! So pretty!

  9. This is absolutely stunning!


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