Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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A blingy explosion

It feels appropriate to start the year with something blingy and shiny, because blingy and shiny things always make me feel happy. I actually wore this mani just before Christmas and at the time I felt like a bunch of coloured Christmas baubles had exploded all over my nails.

The base is Lacquistry Amazeballz topped with one coat of Emily de Molly Remnants Returns. Remnants Returns is a super bright mix of coloured glitters and a range of shapes.


  1. Love this! I'm currently wearing Amazeballz........... and I have Remnants in my helmer so I might just be copying you later, if that's OK :)

    1. Yes - I've love to see the combo on you too!

  2. what a beauty! i thought amazeballs was silver? or are there two options? i need it for sure, even more so if its gold! this edm looks promising too!

    1. Amazeballz is definitely gold, but it's a cool toned pewter looking gold. If you like gold polish, you must get it.


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