Friday, February 7, 2014

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Painting nails for a family wedding

My brother and sister in law are getting married tonight. It's funny, because I've called her my sister in law for years, she has two gorgeous kids with my brother, but today they finally thought they would tie the knot.

I insisted that she let me do her nails for the special day, which I did. I also did manis for my two nieces and my daughter.  I asked my SiL to jump onto the interwebs and find something that she would like me to create on her nails.  She found inspiration on pinterest, but asked that I modify it slightly and remove the large flower and just use dots. She also perused a giant bundle of my swatch sticks to choose the colour she wanted. She is wearing a deep purple dress and said that Ulta3 Orchid was the perfect match!  I love Ulta3 Orchid, it was one of my top polishes the year it came out!

I did a practice mani on myself and emailed her a pic asking if it was ok. I thought the design was so pretty (and she agreed). 

For my eldest niece, who is 14, I did a sheer base using JOSS Oh So Natural Nude, and then a glitter gradient on the tips using Lynnderella Forget you not.  I totally forgot to grab a photo of her nails before she popped off to work. Its a shame because it looked so pretty and she has such beautifully shaped nail beds.

For the two little girls, my niece aged 7 and my daughter 3, I used a pack of Incoco nail appliques.  The design has a silver glitter base and pink and purple hearts. Such a gorgeous design for little girls.  The pack had enough appliques to do manis on both girls, and a pedi on my niece, plus still have a few left over for when my daughter picks them off.  She promised she wouldn't pick them until after the wedding, but of course, during the car trip home she had picked three off!  GRRRRR She apologised profusely 'sorry, mummy - no more pick' and I will fix those nails tomorrow and cross my fingers that they will last to the end of the day!

Here is a quick indoor shot of the nails I painted on my SiL. They looked lovely on her. Big hugs and kisses to her and my bro for their wedding tonight!


  1. your nails are gorgeous :)))

  2. Interesting idea!!! :)

  3. These nails look soo elegant!

    I really like them, I hope you'd a wonderful day at the wedding ;)

    Xx Julia

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  5. Beautiful Cathy! Ulta3 Orchid is my go to purple. I hope everyone had a great day at the wedding!


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