Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Roses are red

I created my first Valentines Day themed mani earlier this week. 

For the rose I used two coats of Picture Polish Vegas and a layer of Dance Legend Alohomora, which is a red to yellow flakie polish in the same vein as Essie Shine of the Times/SH Hidden Treasure.  I stamped the rose image from Messy Mansion Plate MM07.

On the other fingers, I started with a white base and did reverse stamped decals using the full image leaf design found on Lily Anna plate LA02.  I loved the mani, but would have loved it more had I used a nude or sheer base behind the green leaves rather than a white base.

As always, the quality of the Messy Mansion and Lily Anna plates was fantastic. All the images picked up perfectly with smooth crisp lines.

Both Messy Mansion plates and Lily Anna plates are available from MessyMansion.com.au, and she ships internationally.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. I got the same rose on the MM20 plate, and i agree with you, these plates are fantastic.
    Love the leaves as well. Gorgeous mani as usual!

  2. I think that the leaves against the white background would have worked better with an accent nail of a koala or such. For the roses, I agree that a nude or maybe slightly yellow (?) base would have been perfect.

  3. so cute! I love that its not all hearts.

  4. Okay, just...WOW. So bold and colourful and pretty and totally perfect for Valentine's Day without being on the nose. Great big buckets of LOVE IT.

  5. so creative! love that this isn't all hearts and mushiness haha very cute!

  6. The roses are SO stunning!

  7. wow!
    I just can not keep up with your creativety!
    I love this model so much!

    Xx Julia
    I'm looking forward to see your next post darling!


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