Saturday, February 22, 2014

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OPI Liquid Sand Sunset

Have you guys tried creating a gradient with textured polishes yet?  This was my first one, and oh boy is it so easy and the gradient so blended!  I just used my normal technique of painting the polish on the sponge and dabbing it onto my nails. But the liquid sand polishes stick so nicely that you don't have to do 10 coats to get a rich depth of colour. I think I only did three quick dabbed coats of polish on the sponge for each of these. Because they are dabbed on they also dry sooooo much quicker than a normal liquid sand /textured polish. It actually has made me consider applying textured polishes with a sponge if I need it to be dry quickly!

The polishes I used were OPi Jinx, I'm Brazil nuts over you and You're so flippy floppy. I stamped using Moyou plate Time Traveller - Back to the 80's 04 XL. I used the two smaller palm trees and stamped them individually at different angles.  You're so flippy floppy just glows!


  1. wow, great combination :)

  2. OMG, so beautiful. Never tried the textured gradient, but definitely will!

  3. I tried something veeery similar last year during summer time!

    but yours looks much better! :)

  4. The gradient is perfect for sunset! Beautiful!

  5. textured polish gradients are my FAVORITE! they are so easy and always look awesome. Except clean up, clean up sucks.

  6. I much prefer gradients with textured polishes. Your design is beautiful!

  7. That's fab, I love it!

    I've done a few textured (and matte) gradients recently, and I agree, they work so easily and look so good :)

  8. Ahhhh I love this! It really makes me look forward to the summer because I am so sick of all the snow we're having here!


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