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Tuff Scent - Scented Nail Polish

I have some lovely scented nail polishes to show with you today from new to me brand Tuff Scent.  I have a trio of polishes which were released as their Valentine's Day collection, containing a cinnamon scented  champagne gold, a rose scented red creme and rose scented clear rose topcoat.

Let's take a closer look.

The bottles are tall and slender with a silver metal cap in the shape of a rose bud. You don't really notice the polish scent when you open the bottle, but you certainly can smell it as they dry.

Kiss is a champagne gold metallic polish that smells like cinnamon.  I even shoved my fingers under my  mum's nose and asked her to have a whiff (which generally I wouldn't recommend you do to someone unless they totally 'get' your 'thing' with nail polish).  Luckily mum totally get's my thing with nail polish, and obliged without thinking I was being gross or doing a stupid pull my finger joke.  She immediate said, mmmmmm cinnamon!

The formula was nice, although the brushes are very long because of the bottle shape, so you need to remember to wipe the wand shaft along the bottle as you lift it out, otherwise you will get a big drop run down that will flood your cuticles  I did three thin coats here. This one is most definitely a 'me' colour, and the colour is really complimented by the scent.

Love is a rose scented, highly pigmented red creme.  This has a slightly jelly finish to it and you can get away with one coat if you don't mind that slightly translucent jelly look. This one is highly pigmented and did colour my nails a bit pink, even through my base coat.  But the staining was easily removed with some Orly Cutique for a few minutes and then a scrub with a nail brush.

The rose scent on this one is quite strong, and most definitely rose smelling. I think rose scent is either one of those smells you love or hate. I'm actually not a huge fan, but my mum absolutely loves rose scent, so I think the rose smelling ones might go live with her.

The set also comes with a clear top coat that is also rose scented, pictured in the top photo. What I really like about it is its presentation. The bottle contains a silk rose petal and leaf. The top coat is super glossy and dries in normal time.

I did two coats of Love here, topped with a coat of rose top coat.

I decided to create some easy negative space nail art with Love, which was made particulary easy because of it's pigmentation. Nail art is always much easier with one coaters.  

Tuff Scent nail polish has a beautiful looking range of polishes with a wide variety of scents, including french vanilla, coconut, jasmine, lemon grass and grapefruit to mention just a few. I love that the scents aren't just the normal perfumery smelling ones and I think everyone would be able to find a scent they like (although matching a scent with the polish colour you like may be a bit more difficult). 

You can see the Tuff Scent range on the Tuff Scent website.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Such a nice review.
    I tried scented nail polishes before but they always make me feel a little nauseous, but this sounds good, maybe I sound give it another try.
    You say simple nail art; I say such an elegant nail art with a wonderful color combination.

  2. I just did a search for negative space nail art, yours is definitely the best I've seen. I might recreate this with navy blue


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