Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Picture Polish - Solar Flare

Last, but certainly not least is Picture Polish Solar Flare. If you've been following along tonight you would know that Solar Flare is the scattered holo version of the discontinued Ozotic Mish Mash 531.

Solar Flare appears a more rich colour to me than the linear holo version, it think that's because the silver holo pigment in the linear version softens the colour because of it's silver tone.  Whereas with these polishes, the larger holo flakes are more scattered and they don't effect the vibrancy of the colour.  This one also seems a little more pigmented than the three other cooler toned polishes.

This is two coats over black.

As promised throughout all these posts, here is a swatch photos of all five new shades at three coats on their own. 

Index = Gravity
Middle = Altered State
Ring = Illusionist
Pinky = Solar Flare
Thumb = Aurora

As you can see, they all can be worn without undies for a completely different, much softer look.  They are more pastel and spring like, and layering three coats really creates depth with the holo sparkle.

Picture Polish Solar Flare is a limited edition polish and will be AUD$13.50 from Picture Polish online

It's not on sale just yet, but I'm told it will be sometime this month.  I recommend you follow Picture Polish on Facebook to ensure you know when it's released.

Polish provided for review.


  1. Just so pretty and cosmic looking, especially without the black base, which makes them more intense. I like the blue/purples the best followed by the greens. solar Flare is also pretty, especially layered. This was a lot of work, thank you for the awesome swatch and pix! Looking forward to these...I grabbed what Ozotic I could, but I don't think I have any from Mish Mash 500 series....

  2. i literally want every single one of these!! they are all so cool looking and your swatches are fab as always!

  3. this is my favorite I think. I don't really like them on their own though... Even though it doesn't look holographic, Solar Flare is gorgeous.

  4. Thank you for the amazing swatches! I was wondering if Solar Flare is at all similar to Enchanted Polish's I Am The Walrus? I'm trying to figure out if I need both.

    1. Yes, the colour shift in both this and EP I am the Walrus is exactly the same, but the holographic particles are very different. I am the walrus has a more linear appearance, whereas these holo flakes are irregular shaped and create a scatter holo.


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