Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Picture Polish - Gravity

Picture Polish Gravity is a light blue to purple to pink multichrome with scattered holo shards.  This is two thin coats over black. Its linear holo Ozotic cousin is the discontinued Mish Mash 533.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the formula on these yet.  They are all smooth and easy to apply, the formula isn't too thick or thin and it's easy to put it on cleanly without needing too much cleanup.  This is two thin coats over black, again it can be built to opacity at three coats on it's own, but the finished look is a pastel and soft colour (which I actually really love). Check the next post to see a skittle swatch of all the new shades on their own.

Picture Polish Gravity is a limited edition polish and will be AUD$13.50 from Picture Polish online

It's not on sale just yet, but I'm told it will be sometime this month.  I recommend you follow Picture Polish on Facebook to ensure you know when it's released.

Polish provided for review.


  1. I like all of the PP polishes in this Series....trying to decode if this is my fave...

    1. lol...decide, not decode...thanks autocorrect!

  2. Now that`s a Polish i really like and need! Lovely! ♥
    Can`t wait until the Release!

  3. OMG sooooo pretty!!! ❤️

  4. Another incredibly beautiful one! I can't decide!


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