Friday, February 28, 2014

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Skittlette feat. Hare Bisbee 2.0 & Zoya Solange

Just a quickie tonight to share a recent skittlette mani I created to match a new polish I bought.

I finally grabbed myself my first Hare polish!  I got it from Femme Fatale Cosmetics during their new year sale.  I was very happy with Bisbee 2.0 as my first Hare polish. The formula was great and the colour really pretty.

I created the gradient over two chevron nail vinyls, but after I pulled the vinyls off, I didn't like the stark white of the base colour, so I filled it in with Zoya Solange. I probably should have chose a similar colour in a non-textured polish, because the chevrons looked a bit lumpy. Not my best work, but I still enjoyed wearing it.


  1. Congratulations on your first Hare (I sound like a pervert)! I like your bumpy Chevrons, they look great with the solid Solange nail. This manicure is cute as button. So happy!

  2. Wow, More nail polish!

  3. Very pretty! And what a nice relaxed skittlette. Very enjoyment worthy. :)

  4. wow this manicure looks lovely!
    Well done :) I love all these bright colours together :)

    Xx Julia

  5. Welcome to the world of Hare Polish! I have Bisbee but haven't tried it yet. However, I've loved the polishes from Hare that I have tried.


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