Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Multi-coloured Stripes with Picture Polish

The end of another weekend - where did it go? I was so busy I didn't even get to paint my nails this weekend. I wore the same mani that I painted on my nails on Thursday night all weekend!  Luckily I still have one or two manis stored up ready to post, like this one that I wore last weekend.

This is just a simple tape mani, but the overall effect was really striking.  I started with a bright silver base - I used a custom made polish made with silver plated flakes - think Lacquistry Amazeballs, but silver not gold.  I then taped off the lines and applied stripes of various Picture Polish shades.  I used Fairy Gloss, Swagger, Chillax, Totes and Mellow Yellow.  I actually mixed a tiny bit of Ulta3 Honolulu onto a palaette with Mellow Yellow to get a better colour match for the yellow polish with the others.

Thanks for stopping by. I better go paint my nails now!


  1. lovely mani :))

  2. So cute! Will need to try this out one day!

  3. super cool! I love the silver gleamining out from inbetween!

  4. I love this - this is so rad.....

  5. Wow - love the base! The colors of the stripes are great together, lol, great mixing with the yellow! Terrific photos!

  6. really pretty!


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