Friday, May 2, 2014

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Revlon Marchesa nail wrap - Evening Garnet with Pretty Serious Santas Sunburn

After wearing the Revlon Marches Gilded Mosaic wrap mani earlier this week, I couldn't contain my excitement to try the other wrap that @katherinelb12 gave me - Evening Garnet.

The Evening Garnet wrap has a very pale pink base and textured dotted jewels in circular patterns.  The jewels are red, black and pink and the red ones sparkle insanely.

I chose to match the wrap with Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn - which is quite probably my all time favourite red metallic polish. If you don't own it, then your only option to get it now is via blog sales or other private swaps, as sadly this polish was discontinued by Pretty Serious this week and is now sold out.

I don't tend to wear red polish very often, but when I do it somehow empowers me with a stronger confidence.


  1. I saw these in Target this week... think I will have to go back for another look - they are just beautiful!

    1. Same! I wrote them off, but seeing how you've done them really amazed me. Beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! Those wraps are truly awesome!!


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