Saturday, May 10, 2014

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Emily de Molly - some new and older holos

I have some holographic spam for you today courtesy of Emily de Molly. I have two of the new releases, two older shades and one sneaky shade that Hayley gave me before Christmas which I will tell you about.

The formula on all these is great, two easy coats for full opacity and top coat wont dull the holo flame.  These are all two coats with Seche Vite top coat, taken in the sun.

Let start with the two newest shades that were available last week to Aussies and will be available through other stockists later this year when Hayley returns from maternity leave.

Dramatic Entrance - a bright a pigmented teal holographic.

Long Engagement - a purple leaning dark blue.

Fine art - a metallic bronze holo.  I have no idea why, but my brain never reads this polish name as Fine art, I always read Fire ant.  Probably due to my work a number of years ago, where the department I work for, was working with the Queensland government on trying to eradicate the fire ants that had made it through import border inspections.

Jealousy makes you nasty - medium forest green holographic.  I didn't have this polish in my collection for such a long time, and being a green lover I don't know why.  Last year when the winner of my birthday giveaway selected this shade as part of her prize pack, I got to see it in real life and almost kept the polish for myself.  Hayley very kindly gave me a bottle last time we caught up after I hold her how I nearly stole the polish!

Now my secret unnamed Emily de Molly holo.  It's a dark, true blue navy holographic.  I was very lucky to get this polish, and it was actually ages ago that I got it and I totally forgot about it hidden in my untrieds drawer on my helmer.  Last time I was at Hayley's house, ogling all the mixed up bottles of polishes and checking out mixes of things she was going to release soon.  I causally asked if she had thoughts on releasing a navy holo.  Magically she whipped out a bottle and said "Oh, I've mixed this one up, but I'm not sure if I will release it or not'. She poured me a bottle and that was it.  Isn't it just the most divine colour.

The Emily de Molly store is on hiatus at the moment, but once Hayley returns from some well deserved maternity leave she will be shipping the new shades out to her distributors as well as reopening her Australian store.  Keep up with her announcements on the Emily de Molly facebook site to see when she is reopening for polish sales.


  1. These are extremely pretty! I especially love the "Jealousy Makes You Nasty" and the navy shade!

  2. They're all amazing, I love EdM's holos!

  3. these are all lovely, and especially your special navy blue and Long Engagement!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous of that navy blue!! <3

  5. These are such beautiful holos <3

  6. Last year, for my birthday, my boyfriend had three custom polishes made for me by Hayley (very good job boyfriend!), one was a lovely navy blue, I wonder if yours is the same? I'll have to swatch it and compare the photos. Mine is called 'You', the other two are called 'I' and 'Love' :)

  7. I have quite a few EdM holos, but none of these - now I want them all! Especially Long Engagement and Fire Ant (lol, I mean Fine Art, but I will now forever read it as Fire Ant).


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