Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Contrary Polish - On the Rocks Collection

I went missing there for two days, did you notice?  Probably one of the longest blogging breaks I've had here for a very long while.  I've been knocked out with an acute bout of tonsillitis since Wednesday night. Only this afternoon did I start to feel any semblance of normal again - yay for antibiotics! I was so sick I didn't even play with polish at all! No swatching, no nail art, nuffin, nada.  Thats when you know you are really sick! But I do have some photos ready that I did last weekend.

Tonight I have swatches of the Contrary Polish On the Rocks collection.  This was a winter 2014 collection, which meant it was released in about December or January. But I only recently got my hands on the collection, which is perfect timing with it just coming into winter here in the southern hemisphere.

Almandine - an oxblood red base with gold to green color shifting shimmer. The green shift was a little shy to come out for me, but the shimmer is so intense - check out the macro to see all the colours in that shimmer!  Lovely formula and opaque at two coats.

Dioptase - bluish green with antique gold and green shimmer.  This is a beautiful teal green shade and the shimmer is like tiny glass flecks.  I used three thin coats with top coat.

Fluorite - blurple with green to pink color-shifting shimmer.  Be still my heart.  Just look at how gorgeous this one is.  It looks like it has sapphire blue glass flecks as well as that shy colour shifting shimmer. This was three coats with top coat.

Graphite - muddy grey jelly with varied shimmer/micro-flakes - gold, silver, pink, grey. Because of the jelly finish this one has a really squishy look to it, and even at three coats the very tips of my nails have that sheer edge.  All the different micro-flakes in this really make it sparkle.

Obsidian - purple near-black jelly with green to blue color-shifting shimmer.  This one is another absolute stunner!  I did three coats to ensure total opacity, but the dark purple jelly base is just the perfect balance of tint and shimmer.  I was able to see the colour shift the most in this polish.  In direct light the shimmer is a sparkling green.  With the lighting from an angle the shimmer is a mix of purple and blue.

Tiger's eye - a bronzy brown with metallic gold shimmer.  This is such a gorgeous golden brown, and it is just perfect for the last day's of Autumn here down under.  The shimmer is so intense but the polish is still totally smooth.  This is two coats with top coat.

Contrary Polish is available from these stockists. Carrie also sells minis through You can also keep up with Contrary on Facebook & Twitter.

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  1. I've never seen anything like Graphite! A jelly grey, so cool!


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