Monday, May 19, 2014

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Dotty decals

Gosh I like a good water decal!  I like them because I can put them on very quickly and they end up looking like quite intricate nail art. I also have to say that the Born Pretty Store really does have a nice range of them.

This mani, for instance, took me less than 30 minutes to do from base to top coat.  I used water decals from the Born Pretty Store in style #1597.  The sheet of decals is actually too small for me to do all 10 nails, I can only get four nails out of each row.  Therefore I did a gradient using the same colours on my thumb.  For this mani, my four fingers are simply a white base with the decal applied.  I like the little extra touches of gold glitter on these decals too.

My number one tip to applying full nail water decals like these to to cut them out neatly to start with.  I do this by using a set of false nails as my cut out template.  I have some false nails that I've written "thumb", "middle", "pinky" and "ring/index" (it turns out those two nails wear the same size falsie for me. I then place those falsie nails on top of the clear film on the water decals and trace around the nail.  Then I cut them out neatly.  After I have soaked them in water I slide them onto my nail and the cuticle edge is the perfect curve, meaning I don't need to try clean any of the water decal up with acetone and a brush.

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