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ILNP - Multichrome Flakie - Success

The I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) multichrome flakies went on sale for general orders today, but back in mid November I ensured I grabbed the whole collection as part of the pre-order. Let me tell you that I'm so glad I did!  I haven't been this excited about nail polish for a while.  These really are something new and really quite incredible.  

To be perfectly honest, there isn't a hell of a lot of polish making skill going into this collection of multichrome flakies, the flakies are doing all the work here!  That is because these polishes are only a mix of a single multichrome flake in a clear base for each polish, but what is impressive is that the ILNP brand is the first one I've seen that have this very vast range of colours - 13 of them in fact.  Two of them look really similar to me in the bottle, and only after I wear them will I know how different they actually are. But I wont be rushing to swatch these babies in one go, I'm going to be wearing each one at a time.  That means I will only be showing on polish at a time sorry - but I will do a sum up post at the end with picture of all of them.

The first one I chose to put on was Success.  Rather than layer this over black or anything else, I wanted the full multichrome effect, so I created full coverage by using a makeup sponge to apply the flakies.  It works perfectly to get full coverage, because the base polish gets soaked into the sponge meaning you don't end up with a thick layer of polish.  Let me know if you want a video that shows how I do it!

The colour shifty goodness of Success goes from a warm bronze through yellow, to green, blue and even purple at extreme angles.  Let's look at all my photos of this gorgeous polish!

I have so much love for these multichrome flakies - I'm wearing another one right now.

Which ones did you guys get??


  1. I's probabely easier to list up, which ones I didn't get: Rapture and Metropolis. OMG! They're all really stunning.

    Kind regards,

  2. Yes please do a video on sponging these if you don't mind :-) I bought Super Nova, Cold Fushion, Electric Carnival, Brilliance and LunA

  3. Please do a video as I will get some too!! Thank you :-)

  4. Oh please the video showing your application, I don't have any of these but I'm sure I will get some, they are beautiful. How wonderful that you got these before Xmas. I also loved all your Xmas posts and your Xmas nails.
    Your family Xmas sounded as Aussie and perfect as a Xmas could be. I can't wait to see your New Years nails xoxo Jo

  5. I got all 13. Luna and Metropolis look nearly identical in the bottle, but it looks like Luna may have a little more blue in it. I like these best as full coverage rather than layered. They cover well in 3-4 coats.

  6. This is really gorgeous and I love the shift :-D

  7. Wow, that's some gorgeous pictures!

  8. I've done the sponge technique on a polish with a smaller ratio of glitter to base to bring out the glitter, I think you nailed it on this polish because the whole coverage effect is just phenomenal!


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