Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Scaled stamping over Gaia with Messy Mansion accessories

I have a post Christmas catch up with my closest nail friends, and was lucky enough to get some of the new Messy Mansion accessories.

I got a stamping template.  This neat little metal plate is the same size as a credit card and is made of satin finished metal.  It has five sizes of finger nail holes. I found the the middle size was perfect for my index, middle and ring finger, the second smallest one was right for my pinking and the second largest one was right for my thumb. The engraved Messy Mansion design on the plate is also stampable using creme polishes, but not shimmers, as it's not very deep.

Here is how my index finger lined up in the template.

I then used the template to select a section of the stamping plate to be sure what would fit on my nail.  This is a suki plate from moyou.  I'd seen this done on other blogs using a piece of paper or card, with cut out area for your nails, but I had never bothered with crafting one up.  All the hard work was already done for me with this template.

Although I didn't try it, Julia from Messy Mansion said that you can actually pick up the stamping design through the template.  Eg, paint, scrape, put template down and then pick up the design.  This saves you picking up too much other design onto your stamper that you then have to clean off.  But like I said, I never tried that.

 Also included in the accessory kit is this transparent scraper.  Its lovely and flexible with smooth edges and does a great job at scraping my plates.  I love that it is transparent too, because it means I can see if I'm applying too much or too little pressure as I scrape.  It cleans up perfectly with acetone and doesn't leave any white marks from melted plastic, nor does the black Messy Mansion motif get gross and come off, because it appears to be sandwiched inside the plastic card.

The accessory kit also comes with a Priming Block - which is a magic eraser for those that know what they are.  It does a great job at cleaning off any shiny residue from a stamper.

The accessory kits are currently being packaged up with different configurations. One with three scrapers, a template and a priming block will be about $5 from what I read on the Messy Mansion Facebook group.

Now onto my stamped mani over Gaia. 


  1. Wow, these are super cool nails! And what cool tools you featured with it! Very intriguing!

  2. Great idea! And I like your stamping here :-)

  3. Oooo I think I may need one of these! what a great idea x

  4. I've never been big on the mural/collage stamping plates because I thought I'd have trouble isolating the design I would want to use. But now that THIS nifty tool exists, I might not avoid them so much! So cool, thanks so much for sharing! :-D

  5. This is exciting to me. I was going to make a template for my nails but now I have a metal one or will have. I hope. This is awesome. WOO HOO

    1. Please let me know when you restock so I can order. Thank You.

    2. I think they are available on the Messy Mansion site now.

  6. I was in the other day and they were still sold out. I'm watching : )


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