Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Matchy-matchy is the way to go.

Hey there everyone.  How are you going with the start of the silly season? I'm feeling pretty wiped out from burning the candle at both ends.  I just returned from a whirlwind trip up to Noosa, Queensland yesterday and back to Canberra this evening. We were there to attend a friends wedding, which was lovely.  We managed to miss the tropical storms too which was a bonus.

These are the nails I wore for the wedding, and I did some serious matchy, matchy work with these.

The base is a slight blue to white gradient at the two third mark of my nail. I used Picture Polish Swagger and Bright White.  I then did some advanced stamping using Mundo de Unas black stamping polish and coloured it in with white polish and Picture Polish Sizzle. 

I just wore a long maxi dress, which was perfect for the beach wedding.  The dress had a blue to white gradient and then lots of black and pink filigree detail on the hem.  This was the only decent picture I manged to stamp with with my dress in the background, but you can see how the colours popped.  I received so many compliments from other wedding guests about my nails, I definetly think I'll be sticking with the matchy, matchy theme again.


  1. I'm stressing out! Got a few presents to get for my friends and no idea what to get them :-|

    Great mani so colourful and great design :-D

  2. I love this mania!!! And it went so perfectly with your dress. Can you please start mentioning the plates that you use in your designs. That would just make your posts perfect perfection.

    1. Absolutely - I try to remember, but sometimes I'm just too comfy to get off my butt and go and check. This plate was from the Born PRetty Store - QA88, it's the same plate I used for this mani


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