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SV by Sparkly Vernis - Frosted Sweets Winter Collection

I'm excited to show you my swatches of the debut winter collection from SV by Sparkly Vernis.  If your are not already a follower of Sparkly Vernis, then you should jump over there and check it out.  She has wonderful layering combinations that will always inspire you and beautiful swatch photos.  I've been a long time reader of Sparkly Vernis, in fact well before it was Sparkly Vernis - when Albert Einstein stole her name! I even did a guest blog post there nearly three years ago!

The debut collection from SV by Sparkly Vernis is a set of 5 pastel holos.  They all have a wonderful formula and are easy two coaters - all these swatches are two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

All the polishes also have a metallic sheen to them which matches up the Frosted Treats collection name, and they are all linear holos too.  Let's take a closer look at them all.

Blurple Ice Cubes - a delicious blurple linear holo. Sometimes it looked a little more purple on me, but in these photos it looks more blue. It looks quite similar to Periwinkle Sprinkles but in real life the colour difference is quite obvious.

Cotton Candy Sugar - a sugary sweet pink linear holo with lilac undertones. 

Gilded Lemon Drops - Oh how I love cool toned gold polishes and this one is just perfect for me.  The holo finish is strong, but the gold metallic finish also gives it plenty of personality in low light. 

Mint Frosting - While I love green polishes, I'm not usually a huge fan of minty greens, however this one ticks the box for me.  The polish leans blue, so has a definite aquamarine feel to it for me.  Light mint greens like this can make my hands look red, but no redness in site for this one.

Periwinkle Sprinkles - This one is right up there with Gilded Lemon Drops as my favourite in the collection.  I love Periwinkle blue and this one is the perfect shade.  The holo effect is stunning, and it actually gets better the more the polish dries.  I rushed taking my photo of this one and my Seche Vite top coat wasn't totally dry, the result makes the holo look more scattered, but as I was taking my photos, the top coat dried more and as it did, more and more holo came out. 

The Winter Frosted Sweets Collection from SV by Sparkly Vernis is available now through  You can keep up to date through their Facebook page, and check out lots of gorgeous swatches on their instragram @sparklyvernis

Polishes provided for review.


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