Monday, December 29, 2014

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ILNP - Multichrome Flakie - Gaia

I promise you there is no trick photography here.  There is no photo shopping to enhance colours or adjust tones, these polishes really are just this awesome!

Today I have Gaia from the I Love Nail Polish Multi-chrome Flakie collection (actually ILNP are calling the Ultra-chromes) but I'm sticking with Multi-chrome because we polish lovers already know what that means.

Once again, I'm showing what these polishes look like on their own.  No undies and with a single layer of Seche Vite top coat.  Again I achieved this look using a makeup sponge to apply the flakies, and yes, I did record a short insta-video for you that I will add to the end of the post.

Gaia shifts from a light lime green through turquoise to royal blue. 

Here is the application video, sorry it's fast, only got 15 seconds.  I did three applications on the sponge to achieve full coverage on each nail.  There is no base colour, just base coat.  The flakies just stick the the nail perfectly off the sponge. Any questions just let me know.

Shit just got real with these polishes girls, you really need at least one in your life!


  1. gosh... this is amazing...
    I loved it...


    Eva -
    IG: @adegadeesmaltes

  2. I think my eyes have just popped out! This one is gorgeous! Love it :-D

  3. Thank you so much for the video! It makes so much more sense!

  4. OK I just bought some fantasy flakies from glam polish. Gotta try this it looks so cool. Thank you for showing us how.

  5. Wowser, that polish is stunning and great application

  6. Beautiful! Great application too :)

  7. How did you get the sponge the shape of the nail--did it come that way? Does picture polish have its own website? This is just amazing--thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, there were a few sponges in the packet I bought that had a nice round top edge to them - I wish they were all like that!

  8. I can attest to the beauty of this polish! SO GORGEOUS! And great swatches :-)


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