Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Glam Polish Fantasia Multichrome Flakies - Part Two

The great multichome flakie invasion of 2015 continues today with some more stunning multichrome flakie polishes from Glam Polish.  I've previously shared three of the Glam multichromes, and today I have three more.  Once of these was from the original four polish release and the other two are a new release.

Again I decided to wear each of these polishes on their own. I sponged these on, which resulted in what four coats of flakies would look like but without all the thickness of four coats of polish.  There are lots of swatches out there that show what these flakies look like over black, but it's rather amazing how different they look on their own.  I love it when a polish can be that versatile.

Arcana Dark - The main base flakie colour is purple and it shift to warm copper shade.  But there are also some blue flakes that seem to shift to purple when the purple ones go copper, so this polish always has a strong purple look. 

Harmony wind - This one is what I call a classic multichrome colour combo.  It's the same colour combo that my very first multichrome polish from Sally Hansen (turquoise opal) was - a deep turquoise teal through to green and purple.

Star Shadow - this one has primarily blue and green flakies with a some purple and gold flakies as well.  It's hard sometimes to tell if a colour you see is the colour a flakie is shifting to or if that is the base colour of another flakie. 

I really like this collection from Glam Polish, the colour combos appear quite unique and aren't just one straight flakie colour put into some suspension base.

The entire Glam Polish Fantasia Flakie Collection is available from

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I bought Harmony wind and comet storm just before Christmas and have applied them using the sponge technique and they look amazing! Possibly my favorite polishes ever! Thanks for showing us these beautiful polishes applied so well so we can all enjoy them!

  2. These all look wonderful! I'm having a hard time picking a favourite!: -)

  3. Where do you get your rings from? They are so cool! I love ILNP, have several of these polishes!


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