Monday, January 26, 2015

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Australia Day 2015 - Green and Gold Kangaroos

Happy Australia to my Australian readers.  I hope you had a wonderful day off.  Mine didn't really turn out as expected.  We went to Bunnings early this morning to grab a few things to do around the house.  The plan was to do those things, have a swim in the pool, maybe a BBQ and relax and then head out the the fireworks around Lake Burly Griffin.

But instead, our sewer backed up and we had to get our Gerni and drain hose down into that icky mess.  Six hours later it was clear.  In the mean time, the pool pump packed it in, so I installed the spare pump we had in the garage.  Whilst the pump was off we high pressure cleaned the pool filters - more yuck all over me!  Putting it all back together, the pump installed nicely, but then we couldn't get the filter housing to seal properly and it kept leaking! I think we need a new O-ring seal, but we eventually made it work using a lot of plummers tape around the rim.  By this stage I was covered in stinky sewerage, a slimy pool backwash, so a late afternoon shower was delightful!

We grabbed a pizza for dinner and took the kids to the fireworks.  My littlest had never seen fireworks before, she was mesmerized, although the loud bangs were a little frighting for her.  We certainly packed lots into our long weekend - although I didn't get any swatching done at all, and I have a mountain of amazing Dance Legends to show you too.

Lets check out the nails I had on for Australia Day.  The base is Lacquistry Glitterally. Glitterally has a deep yet bright blue jelly base with green/gold/blue color-shifting glitters, accented with micro holo glitters.  It's a real stunner and unfortunately my photos dont capture the holo shine.

I then stamped some gold Kangaroos along the tip of each nail using Hit The Bottle polish in Hello Buttercup.  It doesn't get more Aussie than the green and gold kangaroo!


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