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Spell Polish - Swatches and review

I have polishes from a new to me indie to share with you today.  I feel like I'm often telling you about 'new to me' indie brands, even though I know I tried lots and lots of brands (I'll actually have to count up how many different indie brands I've tried). Yet I'm always reading blogs and discovering new indie brands, or realizing there are so many 'old' indies out there that I still have never tried.

Today's selection is five beautiful polishes from Spell Polish chosen from a few different collections. I love the feel of these bottles, tall and slender rectangular bottles with long brush wands.  They also stack so beautifully no matter what your polish storage choice. 

First up is two polishes from the 'It was written in the stars' collection

All I see is you - a bright purple chrome, shown here at three thin coats.  There is lots of blue micro shimmer in this and you do end up with very faint brush strokes, but the overall appearance is so worth it. 

The stars are whispering - a glitter topper filed with iridescent colour shifting blue glitters in at least three sizes.  The colour shift is from a bright aqua through to dark and glowing indigo's. On the angle you'll also see flashes of violet.  This was one coat over black topped with Seche Vite.

From the Magic Chrome collection we have:

Smile Transference - this one has a dark plum purple base with lots of pink and blue micro shimmer. In the full sun you see lots of blue sparkles in a plum base, move indoors or in to the shade and you the duochrome effect really starts to pop, glowing blue where the light hits the nail, and then a pink and purple sheen on either side.  This is two coats with Seche Vite.

Swinging through stars - the base to this one is a green tinged gold, but not a bright brassy gold, more a platinum gold (just the sort that I love).  It was harder to capture the colour shift on this one, but as well as gold, I definitely saw green and then shades of grey to light blue and even purple. Super pretty and just my sort of colour.  This was two coats with Seche Vite.

Dancing with the sun - I'm not sure which collection this one was from, but the gorgeous Heather, the creative lady behind the brand, specifically chose this polish for me because of my love for gold polishes!  She nailed it for me with this one.  When I was putting this on indoors, I never even realized it was a holo, so that was a gorgeous surprise when I stepped outside to take photos.  I'll definitely be wearing this one again.  This was two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

I really enjoyed wearing these polishes by Spell Polish. The formula was pretty good on all these, although I did need to ensure I wiped the brush wand carefully.  This is because it is quite long due to the tall bottle shape and if you don't wipe the polish off, it will slowly drip down and then may flood your nail with too much polish when you aren't ready for it - it happened to me once, but I was more careful after that.

Two polishes I was sent had the old formula that has a definite polish smell, although these polishes are being phased out.  The other bottles I received were all the new formula and had no noticeable smell at all.

Spell Polish is available through their official website, and also through three international stockists, including Femme Fatale here in Australia.

Polishes provided for review.


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  2. Oh wow this is such a great selection. I'm loving them all :-D

  3. Spell Polish polishes are gorgeous and they are way too addictive!
    In October I had not even heard of the brand, in December I had 16 bottles and I just ordered another 10.
    I wonder what Heather puts in her polishes ;)

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