Monday, January 19, 2015

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Lacquistry Amazeballz Holo Version

Here is another Lacquistry polish that was part of the holiday collection I bought a few weeks before Christmas.  REDicilous was also from the same collection, and I'm slowly working my way through wearing them all.

Today's Lacquistry polish is Amazeballz HOLO!  Which not surprisingly is a Holo version of Amazeballz. It has the same gold tone as Amazeballz with the addition of some seriously strong holo glitters.  I have no idea if those holo glitters are gold or silver, because it's just so reflective you can't tell, all I can say is that it's a beautiful cool toned gold with lots of multicoloured rainbows that will probably be in my top polishes for this year (yeah even though it was realeased last year, I only wore it this year so that counts ok).

This is two coats of Amzeballz Holo with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.  This polish is a thicker than a regular polish because of the serious glitter payoff, but clean application is easy.

 bought Amazeballz HOLO from the Lacquistry Etsy site, although they are currently sold out of this polish whilst waiting for ingredients. But... REDicilious is in stock right now as I post this if you are interested.


  1. Another gold holo to add to your stash. It's a stunner for sure!

  2. What a gorgeous polish. Looks stunning - so sparkly :-)

  3. Hi Cathy! Cool polish, also want to let you know that I've done a post with the BPS image plate I won from your autumn giveaway. Check it out if you like. ^^

  4. Such a gorgeous polish! I would not be able to stop looking at it .

  5. It's actually a relief that it is sold out as I am on a no-buy and couldn't resist it otherwise. It is seriously gorgeous!


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