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Liquid Palisade Review

A few weeks back I finally got my hands on a tube of Liquid Palisade via Picture Polish.  I remember seeing it at least a year ago but I had never got around to placing an order for it from the international seller.  But now that Picture Polish is a stockist, I can see myself ensuring I keep a tube of this on hand always.

Liquid Palisade is a purple liquid in a tube with a fine brush that is specifically designed as a masking fluid to protect around your nails when doing messy nail art.  Effectively, it can replace sticky tape around your cuticles if doing a watermarble, gradient or stamping.

The liquid paints on pink and drys to a darker purple shade, so you can easily tell when it's dry.  It takes about 2-3 minutes for it to dry.

Here is a recent mani I did that used Liquid Palisade to protect my cuticles whilst stamping.
A video posted by More Nail Polish Blog - Cathy (@morenailpolish) on

You can also use Liquid Palisade to mask of areas on your nails, then paint over them like I did with this mani. It also works perfectly for masking off the tip of your nail for a French Mani.

Here is an instavideo that shows how I did it.  This isn't the best video because I had to total brain explosion when I was recording.  I somehow got my recording out of sync, meaning I started recording when I meant to stop and then kept going for about 5 different takes of video.  This meant I ended up with very long videos looking at a white piece of paper, and no video of me actually doing my nails.  But hopefully you will get the idea.

Here is another instavideo with a bunch of mani's using liquid palisade.  I love watching it peel off all the mess.

Next, let's talk about Art Masking Fluid.  I purchased some of this mid last year in a hope that it would do the same thing as Liquid Palisade.  I never bothered reviewing it here on my blog because I wasn't able to get very good results with it and didn't really want to recommend it to anyone.

Below is another video - a bit longer this time, which shows a comparison between Liquid Palisade and Art Masking Fluid.

I found the art masking fluid difficult to work with because a) it was really thin.  Even when I put it into a polish bottle for more accurate application, I found it always flooded my cuticles and I would be picking bits of rubber out from under my nail our around the cuticle all day.  b) this masking fluid has a yellow milky white appearance that dries totally clear.  This combined with how thin it is, makes it really hard to remove - as you will see in the video.  I know other brands of masking fluid or liquid latex available in other countries are available in different colours, so you might have better luck than I did.

The other big thing that I noticed with both the Art Masking Fluid and with Liquid Palisade was that if you let the polish dry on it (even if your nail is still wet), it will flake off everywhere when you remove the flexible rubber from your nails - and worse, then get stuck in your still wet nails.  There are two ways to get around this.
  1. Do one nail at a time.  This way you will pull the Liquid Palisade off your nail whilst the polish on the Liquid Palisade is still wet and stretchy.
  2. If you do all nails at once like I do, use some nail polish remover on a brush (I actually use non-acetone remover) and wipe that around the cuticle.  It doesn't need to be neat or accurate and you aren't attempting to clean up the polish on the Liquid Palisade, you just want the polish to soften so that it becomes stretchy again, and then wont flake off.  I've demoed this in the video.
Some other tips for using Liquid Palisade are:
  • Shake your liquid palisade very well before and during use!
  • Apply a thin coat of liquid palisade vs. a thicker coat.
  • Let liquid palisade dry completely before polishing or nail art.
  • Peel liquid palisade off BEFORE your polish is dry
  • Gently tweak liquid palisade with a manicure stick or your finger for the perfect edge.
  • If the liquid palisade application doesn't look right, peel it off and try again!
  • For nail art, wait until your base coat of polish is dry before applying liquid palisade
  • Apply liquid palisade to all nails BEFORE starting to polish.

I would absolutely recommend Liquid Palisade to any nail artist.  It is so easy to apply, dries fast, is a nice consistency (not too thick or too thin), it's colour is good and it peels off beautifully.

You might be able to get good results with a cheaper Art Masking Fluid alternative, although I didn't.

Liquid Palisade is now available from Picture Polish or directly from Kiesque.

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  1. You did really nice manicures with this!! I would love to have it but it's too expensive for me :(

    1. Regular liquid latex is much cheaper by comparison, Eva, and it works exactly the same way :-) I picked up a good sized jar of it (8 oz/236 mL) for about $10, put some in an empty polish bottle for use, and BOOM! Hope this helps! And I second your comment, beautiful designs!

    2. About a year ago, when I began to hear about Liquid Palisade, which is ridiculously expensive, it reminded me at once something : a product which we used with the paint in the drawing course when girl I was at the school. We use as Cathy does it with her absolutely gorgeous black and glitter nail art, but we, ten years, made such a mess. LOL.
      Millie is right and it's even very much cheaper. In one of her famous articles of the end of year, Debbie aka The Crumpet spoke about it and she found in UK a regular liquid latex 73 times cheaper.
      In France, same thing. Just be careful not to take any one.
      I tried a lot. Some serve to make mussels for small decorative objects in plaster and they may cause small itches. Others are used to make masks for model airplane or car (no itches and absolutely the same product as Liquid Palisade color, odor, texture). I choose this one : fantastic and so funny.
      At last, you've liquid latex special skin for the special effects make-ups. I didn't try it.
      I don't give you the names of products in France, you find them everywhere starting certainly by Amazon. Hope this helps too and enjoy !
      As for you Cathy, I've never had the opportunity to write it to you but you are a great artist, an extraordinary photographer and one of my favourite blogs. Thank you so much for all that.

  2. Lol I loved the 'pick up dammit!' part of the vid! Thanks so much for doing the comparison! I picked up some masking fluid from a stationery shop the other day so may give that a try as I don;t think there is a stockist for the liquid palisade here yet! (UK) plus it is pretty pricey! If it doesn't work so good I'll see if I can hunt down some liquid latex on Amazon!

  3. Sounds like a good product for doing nail art for sure :-)

  4. Great review, I love the vids! :)

  5. I bought LP awhile back. It's a great product but it dries up rather quickly, so have fun with it now – use it or "lose" it. Love your blog, BTW :)


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