Saturday, January 31, 2015

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I Love Nail Polish - Cold Fusion

Here is another ILNP Multichrome flakie.  I'm slowly working my way through wearing them all.  This one is called Cold Fusion, and the name makes me a little nostalgic. I work with a whole bunch of front end web developers, and there is one guy there that has been working there as long as me.  One of the first coding languages we wrote some cool applications for our intranet were written in a language called Cold Fusion.  This was some good 10+ years ago - arrhhh those good old .cfm pages.

Anyway, Cold Fusion shifts from a light greenish blue, through bright cobalt blue to purple.  This sponged on with no base colour and would be about the same opacity as using four -five coats, except without all the thickness of the base.

These next photos were taken only a few minutes after I took the ones above, standing in a different location in my garden. You can see how the light hitting the nail at a different angle shows up the colours in a totally different way.  It also looks so much more pigmented and saturated.


  1. This one is really gorgeous too and I love the shift :-D

  2. Lovely swatches. It was funny to be reminded of that old language. Glad I'm not the only web developer/polish junkie!

  3. I've been trying to decide for months which to get but I honestly can't choose just one. They are all so gorgeous!


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