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Creative Shop Stamper Review

Today I have a review of the Creative Shop Stamper for you. I've been working on putting this post together for a while, testing out different options and ensuring I and used it enough to give a good solid review.

I saw this stamper head being used by a number of ladies sharing photos on the Adventures in Stamping Facebook group.  It piqued my interest, but as I was very happy with my Messy Mansion Pro stamper set, I didn't bother buying through one of the group buys.

But when I was contacted about reviewing one of these very large silicon stampers from the Ukraine, I jumped at the chance.

The first thing you will notice when you get this is it's size.  It most definitely is the largest stamper I've seen.  The appearance of the stamper is also very professional. The head comes with a brushed stainless steel holder and the finish is sleek and stylish.  The actual stamper head is a translucent white.  The colour actually reminds me of the silicone you can buy from the hardware store.

Here is a comparison of the size of the Creative Shop Stamper compared to the Messy Mansion squishy head which fits into the XL stamper. The XL stamper is larger than the Konad double ended stamper.  If you have long nails and full design image plates, then you need this stamper as it means you wont have to double stamp.

I did some serious squishy testing to try determine the squishiness of this stamper head compared to others.  I would hold a stamper head in each hand and squish it between my index finger and thumb and then I would swap hands.  I would then swap out the comparison head and compare the Creative Shop stamper to another.  Through two independent tests (both mine and my mums) be both came to the same conclusion that the squishiness of the Creative Shop stamper is between the Yellow and Pink Messy Mansion heads - although it was really hard to compare because of the size difference.  So it most definitely is squishy, but I would not say it was sticky.

I first used the Creative Shop Stamper unprimed and I was disappointed with how it was picking up the images.  It kept leaving gaps in the lines.

Then I primed my stamper by washing it in dish soap and then when it was dry, gently rubbed the surface of it with a magic eraser.  A magic eraser is just a microfibre sponge.  Messy Mansion has them as primer blocks as part of their pro stamper set.

The other really important thing is to roll when you pick up your image.  If you just press straight down you will continue to have gaps in your picked up design. 

With squishy stampers you have the option to either press it straight onto your nail or to roll it on.  It's really up to you as to what works best.  I do a combination of rolling a pressing depending on what I'm stamping onto my nails.  Sometimes I have the stamper facing upwards the the design facing me and then I line up my finger and press down into it.  Other times I will have my hand flat and will roll or press the image down onto it.

There are still a few small air gaps, but its about the same as I get with any stamper head.  You can also see how well white shows up on the translucent stamper.

Stamping with Creative Shop Stamper using BP L-007 plate, Mundo de Unas white polish over Sambora Beach Toes polish in Baby Wave.

Stamping with Creative Shop Stamper using BP L-006 plate, Mundo de Unas black polish over Sambora Beach Toes polish in Tropicana.

The Creative Shop Stampers are available from the following resellers:

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Stamper provided for consideration.


  1. Mine worked perfectly right out of the box.. I guess that depends on individual stampers.

    1. Yep I think you are right, and also would depend of which stamping polish and plate and technique you use too. So many variables with stamping, what works for one may not for another.

    2. Well said kitties, totally agree!

  2. I did a review recently also, but I'm really struggling to get this stamper to work. Mine works okay, but not as perfect as my Messy Mansion rectangle squishy. Thinking of getting MM coloured heads :(

    1. I read your review, it was great. Your review was why I did the rolling and I got much better results. My MM rectangle has a scratch on the face of it, so I hardly use it, I love my pink and yellow sets from MM and use them most of the time.

  3. Interesting! Aesthetically speaking, I like how that stamper looks. Somethin different!

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  5. This stamper sounds really interesting. I recently bought the square stamper from MoYou, which is also very squishy. However, I still have issues picking up the images. I will try dishsoap and such a magic sponge. Buffing with a nail file did not do the trick.

  6. great review! thanks for sharing!!

  7. It looks really good and I I like the stamping you've done here :-)

  8. Gorgeous! I like my BPS squishy stamper, but I'd like to try this one too. Maybe I'll pick it up sometime, if I get the chance. I've heard it's becoming more difficult to order from them due to the troubles in the Ukraine at the moment :/


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