Saturday, January 17, 2015

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Picture Polish - Moscow

I'm slowing working my way to wearing each of the new Picture Polish collaboration shades. Moscow is a collaboration shade with a Russian Blogger - Sasha Plein.  I'm not a follower of her blog as it's all in Russian, and I don't have time to google transtlate that!  But your photographs and swatches are beautiful.  Fantastic macros as well as full hand shots with perfect hand model looking hands.

This is how I wore Moscow, with some gold stamping and gold studs.  I love the combo of maroon and gold together.  I know someone is going to ask me what stamping plate this is, but damn it, I have no idea!  I really am going to have to write these things down, because some times its several weeks between when I wear something and when I show it here on my blog. Sorry.  I think I need a nicely covered mani journal, so I can easily write down what each mani is.

The colour is a dark blue leaning maroon with the Picture Polish bijou holo. It's like the dark red sister polish to Midnite Meteor.

Looking at my swatch below and then the picture above you can see how this polish can look different in different light.  Above was in the early morning sun before I went to work.  In the morning when the sun in low n the sky, you will get warmer looking photos.  Below I took photos just after midday, when the sun was high and the colours are more neutral.

The formula is great with two easy coats for full coverage.  The opacity is almost a thick one coater if you were in a rush.  This is two coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Picture Polish Moscow is availaable from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.


  1. This polish is just beautiful!! And I love the stamp you made over it!

  2. Nail-ru is not actually a blog of one person, it's a community where several dozens of people show their manicures and chat about nail polish :) Sasha is the founder of this community and the author of some of the posts (hers have the tag "author_plein").
    Never the less, Moscow is a splendid polish. I love it for its versatility! And its so pigmented (also a huge benefit in my book), almost a 1-coater.

  3. Moscow looks amazing and I'm loving your nail art :-D <3

  4. I'm wearing that stamp right now! Haha, I love EdM plates :-D

  5. Everything about his mani is gorgeous! I looooove picture polish but still don't own any bc I'm in the US. I need to get some from the US stocklists that carry it! Thanks for the swatching :)


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