Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Rainbow decals with flashing lights

True to form, I've started the year with some brightly coloured rainbow nail art. I'm a big fan of this one, I mean what's not to love, gold glitter *tick*, rainbow colours *tick*.

The feature nail is Enchanted Polish Flashing Lights.  I remember when I first got this polish I thought it was maybe too much of a warm tone gold, rather than a cool tone gold which I usually prefer, however every time I've worn it I absolutely love it.

The rainbow nails are water decals that I received for review from Lady Queen. Lady Queen is an online store that supplies a multitude of nail art and other beauty items.  These water decals come in sheet designed for 10 fingers, but like just about every set of water decals like these, the designs are too narrow for me to get each finger covered in a decal. But I actually like that, because then you have to choose at least one nail to be a feature nail.

I'm also geeking out a bit because the pattern on these water decals appear to be fractals. 

One thing to note about these decals that I couldn't see from the photos on their website is that the gold glitter is actually part of the decal.  I don't mind the glitter addition, but I would prefer to be able to add the glitter myself, that way it would match the feature nail and it would also give more flexibility if you wanted to pair them up with a different coloured glitter, such as silver.

Here is my 15% off code for Lady Queen for you all to use, YHOS15.

Water decals provided for review.


  1. It looks fantastic! I thought you'd done some crazy mix of water marbling and spotting somehow :D you could always add some of the holo gold over the existing glitter to make it match better, but it still looks gorgeous!

  2. Love that mani! Colours are amazing :-)

  3. I love the color! Thank you for sharing this fun pattern. I love the bit of gold you have within each nail as well. =)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who geeks out a bit when I find something with a fractal pattern - LOL And since I can't water marble to save my soul I think these are a win / win!


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