Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Picture Polish - Winter with a rose

Folks, I'm back home after our short little getaway up to Sydney for an extra long Australia Day weekend.  I don't think I've ever walked so much in three days. We spend one full day at Taronga Zoo, following all the trails and looking at the animals. The second day we went to Luna Park, and walked the length and breadth of the place going on old school amusement rides with the kids. Then yesterday we went to Wet n Wild water park. Despite the horrible online reviews of the place, we had a ball!  We got there at opening and didn't have to queue for rides until it was about 1.30pm, and even then we only queued for about 20 minutes on one ride.  I'm also clearly not fit enough for Wet n Wild cause I was so bloody exhausted from climbing the endless stairs on each of the ride towers.  It sure was a fun way for the kids to end their school holidays, with them both going back to school next week (and my little miss is starting Kindy).

Now onto the nails.  This little beauty is Winter from Picture Polish. Winter is a grey jelly with a scattered holo effect.  On my accent nail I stamped a leaf and a rose using the layered stamping technique, my clear jelly stamper and CJS02 plate.  CJS now have another layered rose plate (SJC05) that creates a more realistic looking rose that I think I will have to buy.

Picture Polish Winter is from the latest Picture Polish releases in December 2015.  Winter is available from the Picture Polish website and through the various Picture Polish international stockists.


  1. These are super pretty! I really like the base polish and the added accent nail design is stunning. Great post!

  2. The contrast on that accent nail is fantastic!


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