Monday, January 11, 2016

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The Digit-al Dozen does 'New and Improved': Improved stamping from 6 years ago

Hi and welcome to something new for my blog.  I'm excited to say I've joined the talented ladies from the Digital Dozen in preparing monthly nail art to various themes.  I've been following the Digital Dozen ladies for many years and have always enjoyed reading their blogs and following their posts. 

I'm also someone who loves having themes to work to.  That's why I love the 31 Day Challenge that I do each year in September and why I love doing the weekly 40 Great Nail Art ideas.

The Digital Dozen posts nail art to a theme for five consecutive days each month.  This month's theme of "New and Improved" is very appropriate for the month of January, with people setting themselves new year resolutions.   We get to interpret the theme in any way we like, which is great because it gives us so much flexibility, but the ladies in the DD are very talented, which means the pressure is on to create some great manis.

That said, I've got a very basic and simple mani for my first nail art of the Digital Dozen.  This totally feels like cheating doing something so basic.  But it fit the theme so well so I've stuck with it.

In interpreting the theme I've gone with two options. New - find a technique that I've not done before and try it out, or Improved - find some nail art I've don't previously on my blog and recreate it, seeing if I have improved since that first attempt.  I really struggled finding new techniques that I've not done before, because I'm pretty sure I've tried just about everything.  But I did find one, which I will share later in the week.  The improved option gave me lots more to work with, so I will have four improved manis to share this week, starting with this one.

I first created this design back in Apri 2010, when I first got my bottle of OPI DS Original.  It was also my second attempt ever at nail stamping.  So much has changed in nail stamping world in the last 6 years.  Back then I only had the original hard Konad stamper.  We now have so many options for stampers, squishy ones, sticky ones, huge ones and now ever crystal clear ones.  All the improvement have made it so much easier to get placement on your nails right. It used to be the bane of my life trying to roll that Konad stamper to get the image lined up right!

Here is my original attempt from April 2010.  Yay for better placement, better photos, better nail shape and a slightly looser grip on that bottle. 

So while this is an uber basic design I think it definitely fits the bill from the "improved" part of the challenge this week.

Please check out the other talented Digital Dozen ladies manis in the inlinkz below.


  1. Great improvement! I still struggle to get my stamping placement down! Lol

  2. Great improvement! I still struggle to get my stamping placement down! Lol

  3. Your mani is so pretty! Such a treat to see after all the holiday nails I've been seeing for three months. I am totally down for some simpler designs! Love your polish choices.

  4. Congrats!! And (unsurprisingly) your stamping looks awesome nowadays :-p

  5. Gorgeous! I also still struggle with placement so this is amazing to me!

  6. These turned out great! Definitely see improvement though I'm still impressed by how well you stamped the first one even! The OPI DS is to die for!

  7. I agree; the squishy stampers make it so much easier for placement as do the new clear ones!

  8. Wow, these look really cool! Your placement is amazing!

  9. Ah that improvement! I adore this, it's so gorgeous. I was definitely awe-struck from the second I saw it!


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