Saturday, January 9, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - over a pale blue base

This week brings a return to the colour and technique prompts for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas group. 

These are definitely my favourite types of prompt.

The theme this week is over a 'pale blue base' and my technique prompt was patchwork.  These were so fun to create.

My base is Ulta3 Spring Shower.  I then used the DRK XL Designer plate 1 and chose three different images.  I also grabbed out three different stamping polishes, white and two shades of blue.

I used liquid latex to mask off different sections of my nails before stamping.  I started using Color 4 Nails Crystalline Veil, but then switched to the Dance Legend version as it has a wider brush and makes applying it quicker.  After stamping each design I applied a layer of top coat so that the stamping didn't peel off when I applied the latex barrier over it for the next stamp.

When I was all done with the stamping, I used a fine nail art brush and black polish to paint the lines and stich marks.


  1. Gorgeous, love all designs which you put together <3

  2. Very pretty and cleverly created! I love how different Spring shower look together with the different stamping polishes.

  3. whole mani looks really adorable :)

  4. I saw the video tutorial for this on instagram, and I had to tell you that I really love this look!

    Nanna //

  5. Love love love! I always wondered what a patchwork manipulate would be like. Now I know :-)


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