Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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The Digit-al Dozen does 'New and Improved': Watercolours with Sharpies

Yay, I did something new for Day 3 of my first week of the Digital Dozen.  Today I have played around with Sharpie pens and isopropyl alcohol to make me some watercolour inks. 

I've noticed this week that a few of the other Digital Dozen girls have posted Sharpie designs, and what has struck me most is how different they are.  This has just shown me how versatile sharpie designs are and how many other uses I can put them to.

This was a lot of fun.  I started with a white base and applied seche vite top coat.  I then picked out my six rainbow sharpie colours and one at a time, scribbled onto a small ceramic dish.  I then added a drop of isopropyl alcohol onto the scribbles and used my brush to mix it through.  Then, very roughly I painted each nail in a diagonal design.


  1. Woahhh, these came out amazing!!

  2. DId you topcoat after the sharpie?

  3. wow this is amazing and you are a genius. I would never have thought to do them this way xx

  4. Absolutely stunning! Love how this turned out!

  5. Gah, I love these so much!! The colors are so bright!

  6. totally makes me want to try this again. So bright too. Vibrant!


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