Monday, January 25, 2016

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23 Australia Day nail art ideas

Is there anything worse than a rehash post?  As a reader, probably not, but as a blogger who is away from home for Australia Day, with only three polishes on hand, it's the best thing ever.
Tomorrow is Australia Day, our national day where we BBQ, head to the beach or have a pool party, and dress in things adorned with the Australian flag. Will I be doing these things? Most definitely. Today in Sydney we are heading to Luna Park, and tomorrow to Wet n Wild.  My kids have gawdy "Aussie Kid" t-shirts and I have my Australian Flag baseball cap. While I only took three polishes away with me, I also took a pack of Australin Flag nail wraps (the ones at #10 below), so we are totally set to rock Straya day!
No now lets get to some Australia Day nail art inspiration. It's been several years since I created many of these, and I'm thinking I'll have to redo some again cause they were just so awesome to wear.
#1 - Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House 

#2 Green and Gold Kangaroos

#3 - Glitter flag inspired nail wraps

#4 - A deadly snake. Did you know that 9 of the worlds 10 most venomous snakes are found in Australia.

#5 - Green and Gold Australian Flag

#6 - Waving flag nail wraps

#7 - Kangaroo raod sign.

8. - Red white and Blue water marble.

#9 - Boomerang

#10 - Classic flag nail wraps

#11 - Koalas

#12 - Kangaroos

#13 - Australia's Fauna. Wattle, Sturt Desert Pea, Waratah, Kangaroo Paw.

#14 - Aussie Lingo

#15 - Australian Money (probably my favourite)

#16 - Swim between the flags

#17 - Australian flags stamping

#18 - Metallic Australian Flag nail wraps

#19 - Australian beer, and it's holo

#20 - I love Aus

#21 - Uluru

#22 - Kangaroo road signs.

#23  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

Happy Australia Day.


  1. Many awesome nails, I've loved all of them! Kiss

    Francesinha à Brasileira

  2. I enjoyed this rehash. I remember the opera house and bridge mani and it still takes my breath away. So well done.

  3. Very cool to see them grouped together! I agree the holo money is awesome...


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