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My top posts of 2015

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year.  I've hope you all had a safe and wonderful evening.  We had a quiet one.  We went to the baseball earlier in the evening and then came home and had a late night swim with the kids.  It was the first time they have swum in the pool at night with the pool lights on, and they loved it.  We pumped the pool solar heater up so the water was about 36 degrees, so it's more like swimming in a huge spa.  We floated around staring up at the starry night, it was the perfect night for star gazing!

This year I was going to roll all my "top" posts into one, but I was half way through writing it up and realised it would be a short novel. So I'm splitting it into three posts.  My top posts post will share my top instragram and blog posts from over the last year.  Tomorrow will be my favourite polishes, and finally, my favourite nail art.

So for today, it's my top posts.  These posts are kind of like a Simpsons rehash episode, where they just replay you clips from previous episodes.  You'd think therefore that it would be quick to put together, but man, I've been sitting here for two hours already typing up these wrap up blog posts!

Let's get on with it and start with easy ones from Instagram.

Four of my five most liked posts on instagram were videos, the top five were:

5 - A Night in Vegas Water marble video

4 - Ulta3 Blue Marlin and Emerald Intensity gradient stamped. This one surprised me. It's nothing fancy but it made the list.  Maybe I just happened to post this one at the right time to capture a bigger audience?

3 - Advanced stamping with black and white flowers video
2 - Watermarble over nail vinyls video.

1 - Black and white drag marble video.

My most commented posts on Instagram this year were all videos and were:

5 - Tattoo mixer video

4 - Clear jelly stamper with DRK plate trees video

3 - LED light galaxy video

2 - Holo slime video

1 - Black and white drag marble video. Same one as above, so I wont embed it again.

On my blog, my top five posts based on google analytics were:

5 - ILNP Mega S

So looking at these results, a few things are highly obvious to me about what I should be doing more on my blog and instagram.  On my blog, people want to see in depth reviews and tutorials and pictures of recently released polishes.  Hmmm I'll see what I can do about that.  Yes, I'll try to more indepth reviews, but they will be of nail art products and not of polish collections. It's unlikely that I will be doing review of very many recently release polishes anymore.

On instagram, videos rule.  Must do more videos.  I like doing videos, but they are a lot more work, and making this whole nail polish blogging business feel more like work is not something I want to do.  I will continue with instagram videos, but whether I can increase the number I do isn't something I'll commit to.

Come back tomorrow to see my favourite polishes from the year.


  1. Love this post! My trend last year was exactly the same; top 5 Instagram posts were all video tutorials, and my most visited blog posts were Creative Shop stamper review & Hit the Bottle stamping polish review. I personally LOVE your tips & trick, DIY, creative type of posts (like using tatoo mixer for MdU & short holder for clear jelly stamper). I'm always amazed that you're so full of ideas :D

  2. Apart from your creativity, I love it when you surprise us with a new technique or a new gadget like the transparent stamper :) Thanks for inspiration and have a happy and beautiful New Year.

  3. I love this post! Happy new year :)

  4. I really love good ol' nail art posts but it seems the reviews are more popular! And good on you for doing such great videos - I've tried ONCE and it took forever and came out pretty awful :-D


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