Friday, January 29, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Films

This weeks prompt for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge is Films, and I was pretty stumped what to do, right up until the last minute.  But then I got some nail mail and I knew exactly what to do.

My nail mail was a package of stuff I ordered from the Born Pretty Store.  My package took four weeks to arrive, which is pretty good for the Born Pretty Store, and included a set of water decals with whimsical patterns, including this little doe.

I painted my other nails white and then use sharpies to create a water colour effect similar to the water decal.  To finish it off I used my White Uniball pen to paint the tiny stars and the word 'Always'.

For those that can't draw the connection of this manicure to a film, let me explain.  The nails represent the Harry Potter films.  Specifically, the character played by the late Alan Rickman, Severus Snape.  The Doe represents the patronus he produced, which mirrored the patronus of the women he loved - who was Harry's mother. 'Always' relates the the response he gave when Professor Dumbledore said to him "After all this time?", questioning Severus' love for Lily after all that time.


  1. Very nice, that little doe is lovely!

  2. Omg the feels!! Love the mani, RIP Alan Rickman.

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  4. So many beatiful pictures. Could I ask if I can use some for my Facebook page?
    Please keep up the good work. you are a talent

    Here´s my blog as well :D.

  5. I keep coming back to this to admire it. You've matched the decal so well! The whole mani is dreamy and of course has totally touched my heart. <3


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