Sunday, January 3, 2016

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My favourite nail art from 2015

Ok, no mucking around, cause it's now pushing two and a half hours since I started putting these last three posts together.

In no ranking order, here are my favourite nail art looks from last year.

Christmas nail art with Emily de Molly Crystal Crown and clear jelly stamping for the tree and holly. I love the base colour and how perfectly neat the stamping was because of the clear stamper.

Holo Lightening blots with vinyls and gradient.  FNUG holo and pastel gradient lightening bolts, what's not to love.

Circular gradient with pinwheel stamping. I loved how this made my eyes go crazy with the optical illusion.

ANIVC watermarble. I wanted these polishes for so long, and it was totally worth the wait!

Blobicure with Freya cats and Swagger. I loved the colour combo for this blobicure.

Flakies and stamping with CbL Jackie.  The flakies beneath the stamping is what really got me on this one. 

Sunset pine trees with the clear jelly stamper.  

Star wars - May the Fourth and The Force Awakens - maybe it's just the movie hype still in my head, but I had to pick these two.


The vibe I get from all these is that I love bright colours in my nail art.  So get set for more bright colours this year!

Thank you for all following and commenting on my blog for the past five years!


  1. OMG you di a Game of thrones manicure nad I didn't see it?!?!?!
    Happy 2016!

  2. How many beautiful nails!!! I love all of them!!!

  3. Amazing arts, I love them all! <3

  4. The pinwheel "pulsed" every time I scrolled the screen, great optical illusion. They are all great, love the first two and the sunset pine trees....

  5. Lots of pretty art over the last year! I really loved the zig zag holo and the zig zag butterflies <3. Great idea for a post too.

  6. They are all so pretty!

  7. I agree, ANIVC was totally worth the wait! I love the manis you've chosen to highlight here. It's been a good year. :)


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