Monday, September 25, 2017

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31DC2017 - Inspired by Fashion

I love that the Emmy awards are always held about a week before the Fashion challenge.  It always provides with me with so many beautiful designer dresses to browse through to find inspiration for nail art.

This year was very easy for me. The instant I saw the dress designed by Rosie Assoulin and worn by Tessa Thompson I new I had to create the matching nail art. The stunning oil slick technicolour dress looks amazing in the pictures and reflects so much rich jewel metallic colours.  

For my nails, I wanted to give the appearance of the pleated fabric as well as showing the shiny metallic bright colours.  To create the pleated appearance, I applied some thin straight nail vinyls onto my base coat.  Keeping them in place, I applied a layer of black nail polish.  After that was dry I applied a layer of Dance Legend Black glitter base polish, as I knew I have always been able to get a good metallic finish on that polish using chrome powers.  I then just rubbed four different chrome colours from What's up nails into the ridged finish.

I'm not used to leaving the nail vinyls in place on my nails, but they didn't lift and actually worked incredibly well for this design.

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