Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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31DC2017 - Animal Print and Digital Dozen turns 5

Combining animal prints with a '5' theme was always going to be a tough one, but I'm so happy with how these epic animal print nails turned out.  

This mani really felt like a bit of an art project. There was painting, stamping, colouring in, cutting and pasting. It was the mani that just kept going and going.

This is what I did. I painted all the base colours onto a silicone mat. For the tiger print, I sponged a gradient onto the mat.  I then stamped on all the designs.  I actually used the same stamping image for both the tiger stripes and the zebra stripes, but stamped over different bases and applied on the nail at a different angle, they looked like different plates.  Once all the different prints were dry, I grabbed my scissors and cut thin stripes of each one and stuck them down onto my nails using a layer of top coat.  To neaten up the edges, I put a thin stripe of striping tape over each join.  

In case you were wondering, this took bloody ages to do!

So there you have it. 5 animal prints to celebrate the Digital Dozens 5th birthday and the 31DC2017 animal prompt.  Prints are leopard, tiger, zebra, snake, giraffe.

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  1. This looks incredible, but wow I would NOT have had the patience for all those stamping decals and stripes!

  2. I do not like animal prints at all, but these nails actually look pretty cool! The shimmery polishes make them look better.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! Probably my all-time favourite of yours. Stunning <3

  4. They look so amazing! It's almost like washi tape! Worth every minute. 💞

  5. Terrific!!! Yes, I've done nails using this technique and it DOES take a long time! But these are so worth it!! I'm not an animal print fan either, but I really like these.

  6. holy crap! that looks amazing!


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