Saturday, September 23, 2017

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31DC2017 - Inspired by a movie - Moana

Well I feel a little stupid. I just posted the wrong mani- inspired by a book, and I only realised when  I went to add the inlinkz and noticed that no one else had posted yet. I knew something was up cause I always check out Olivia Jades nails cause they are the first ones in the inlinkz.

So, not that I unpublished that, and removed the automated post from facebook. I'll get on with the correct nails. The upside is that my post for tomorrow is already done!

Ok, so my inspired by a movie nails are inspired by the Disney movie Moana. Let's walk through the different designs. On my index finger is the clucky little chicken called heihei. I painted him free hand with polish and think he turned out ok. The middle finger represents Moana's top, which is orange with brown patterns. It also has white beaded section, which I represented with some caviar beads that I painted white.  The ring finger has Moana's flower wreath and the pinky has the green heart of te fiti stone.

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